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I'm so happy I found Dr. Luikenaar. I've only been seeing her a few months, but I already know that I'll be seeing her as long as I can. She's calmed me down from every stress that I've had, and she always has such a positive energy about her.   -Cristan

Such Positive Energy!

Dr. Luikenaar is my absolute favorite doctor. She is always willing to listen, help, and advise. I'm so glad she helped me through my pregnancy and delivery, and now aftercare. Not only is she wonderful, her staff is fantastic. I feel like they genuinely care about you and want to help you.   - Crystal

My Favorite Doctor!

Dr Luikenaar is such an AMAZING doctor! She is by far the best OBGYN out there! I've seen different doctors before but none compare to Dr Luikenaar.   -Denise

An Amazing Doctor!

Dr. Luikenaar is hands down the most attentive, caring doctor I have ever had. She takes such good care of her patients and really shows her willingness to go above and beyond every time you see her. -Liz

Above and Beyond

Dr. Luikenaar is amazing and I owe her so much of my happiness. Her office is so welcoming and the nurses that work with her are so kind! I feel comfortable around the staff and I appreciate everything Dr. Luikenaar has done for me so far. -Rhett

Dr. Luikenaar is Amazing!

Best doctor ever! The whole clinic is super sweet and sincerely Cares about you! We use to see her at the university clinic and as soon as she moved here we followed her because she is worth it! - Naishe

Best Doctor Ever!

Best experience I've had in SLC for PCOS treatment. She is progressive, thoughtful and thorough in her examination. We need more doctors like her! - Sarah

Best Experience I’ve Had

Rixt is great. The clinic doesn't overcharge you at all, blood tests don't break the bank, and an overall welcoming place. No bullshit, and she tells it how it is. -Tori

Rixt is great!

Sometimes we all get too busy to pause and give thanks to the superheroes in our lives. For me, Dr. L. and her staff have been just that - a team of medical heroes helping me (and countless others) with personal metamorphosis. -Aitch  

Thanks superheroes!

Dr. Luikenaar has delivered all my children and is preparing to deliver my last child. I have had C-Sections with all my boys and she has always done a great job with no complications at delivery. I've known her over the last 7 years and have always felt cared about by her and her staff.… Continue reading Special Delivery

Special Delivery